Euro 2016 betting tips

With less than four days to go for the EURO 2016, this brings about lots of efforts for the top teams. They are all expecting to take award home, and competition must be so high. The 2014 world cup was a disappointment to many of the top qualifiers who looked forward to winning. Certainly luck would be smiling on them in this year’s EURO as it’s expected that a paradigm change will happen in the world of football. The EURO 2016 will be hosted from June 10, 2016, by France. This might be good luck for France considering that they won in 1998 when the EURO championships were hosted in the country. As it was advantageous back then may it will work to their favour this championship season.

France, however, has been identified as a team with lots of in- camp fighting. Possibly this worked very well back in 2008; everyone wonders if their trick will work come the EURO 2016. Spain scooped awards for the last two EURO championships. Their trick helped them back then, but it was a disappointment during the world cup. They did not manage to maintain their position Vicente Del Bosque is their major concern considering his refusal to select new players and all. This leaves everyone wondering if they will be in a position to maintain their prize come EURO 2016.

England, in return, has high hopes with Harry Kane, who brought wonders to the team during the last season. The country did quite well in the last quarters despite the high hope they had built on Roy Hodgson. However, this season certainly might be different despite the constant red cards for the England players. England last won the world cup in 1966. Their major competent factor has been Germany though this year they seem determined to knock them off. The last world cup Germany took the cup after some smooth game with Argentina that worked to the team advantage. The EURO 1996 was the last time before 2014 that Germany had won. The 2014 goal was also under added extra time scored by Mario Gotze. All eyes will be on the team this in the coming EURO as the competition will also be very high for them.

Croatia could be a small team, but none of the top teams has a great defence mechanism as it is. The team one can identify as small but only Spain and France can be identified to be the same level as it is in central defence mechanism. Certainly it will be an exciting team to follow in this season’s EURO considering the youngsters who are backing it up. Summer will not be boring this year round because we have the EURO 2016. This will be enjoyable as we watch the giants of football fight for the top prize. All eyes are on France as they host the games.